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Sing It!

(with Irma Thomas & Tracy Nelson)

SING IT! CD Cover Art

Rounder CD 2152

Sing It (D. Egan)
I Want To Do Everything For You (J. Tex)
In Tears (M. ReidR. M. Bourke)
Love Maker (G. NicholsonS. Cropper)
Yield Not To Temptation (D. Malone)
Heart To Heart (S. E. CampbellD. Fritts)
People Will Be People (D. Egan)
Please No More (D. EganG. Hansen)
If I Know You (S. BrownM. Ball)
Woman On The Move (I. ThomasD. PennC. Whitsett)
He's Mine (G. NicholsonJ. Jarvis)
Shouldn't I Love Him (H. BanksS. Cropper)
You Don't Know Nothin' About Love (J. Ragovoy)